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OnDemand Equipment and Infrastructure Pt.1



What equipment do I need to have an On-Demand stream?



Part 1. - The basics


1. An encoding PC


If you are creating On-Demand content you will need a PC that is able to encode the video from whatever source you are using (other files, video camera, DVD player, CD player, etc).


            The PC you choose to use as your encoder should use the following guidelines:

-         Pentium 4 Processor running at 2.4 Ghz or higher

-         512 Mb of Ram for audio, 1 GB of Ram for video

-         Windows XP (or Mac)

-         Windows Media Encoder 9

Note: other configurations will work, although this is a good basis to work from when selecting a PC.


2. An internet connection


            You will need to be able to upload the videos to your FTP folder on our server.

Note: There is no minimum connection speed necessary to upload your files; however a high-speed connection will allow you to upload your content faster.